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Alice and Nahum Lainer School of Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA.

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Every month in our Lainer School Art Room, we feature an important artist that all the students learn about. The life of an artist, including their family history, and life experiences has a profound effect on the creative work they produce.

This year one of our "artists of the month" was Eyal Sherman. R. Erez Sherman came to art class and talked to the students about his brother's life and art work, which was full of many challenges but always nurtured by a strong and loving family. Next, I designed art projects for the students that where inspired by Eyal's artistic style and feeling. Eyal once said "I like to paint flowers because they last forever”, so the students worked on a wide variety of vibrant and joyful flower projects. The students were moved by his life and his art, asking questions and adding thoughtful comments to our Art Room exploration of Eyal Sherman's artistic work.

Anna August-Art Director, Lainer School of Sinai Temple

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