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Studynlearn interactive flat panel is an advanced and interactive teaching tool designed for modern classrooms. With its user-friendly interface and high-resolution display, Interactive Flat Panel   it enables seamless collaboration and interactive learning. 1. With 4k Resolution make classroom content more engaging with high quality images and videos. 2. Zero Bonding-Experience improved touch accuracy and reduced glare 3. Multi-touch-Foster collaboration among students with multi-user interaction 4. Three Year Warranty -A 3 year warranty assures users of panel's high durability and reliability 5. Easy Interface -Navigate and interact with the panel effortlessly with user-friendly interface 6. Long Screen Life - 50,000 Hours​- No need for frequent maintenance or replacement 7. Built-in K-12 Smart Class Content​ -Provide students with high-quality digital resources 8. Lag-free Writing Experience​ -Draw smoothly on screen and experience a natural writing experience.


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